When do i decide to promote brand or product?

As a brand marketing firm, one of the questions I have gotten over the years is just when is the right time to promote brand versus a product or service? The answer is actually in the form of another question- why do you have to choose?

As we begin developing a brand for any company or organization we try to help our clients understand that their products and services are part of their brand. As we have said many times before, the developing of a brand is an inside-out proposition and that true success in building a brand begins from the inside and delivering the quality of service that your external marketing promises. Your products and services are a direct reflection and should make sense in their connection to those trying to determine whether they want to partner with you or not. This is why we have always focused on the services we do best here at The Marketing Company and partner with others that do what they do best in order to provide our clients the very best advice and expertise as possible. Using the best also can bring prices down in having the experience to do things faster and easier. For instance, if one company charges $ 35.00 an hour and another $ 70.00 an hour many will choose the $ 35.00 an hour company. But if the company that charges less takes three times as long as the higher priced company- who offers the better value?

Stay True to your Brand

In doing brand development for our clients they quickly learn that we are always promoting their brand through the products and services they offer and trying to help them to stay true to the brand they have invested in. We once worked with a jeweler that sold higher quality jewelry and its customer base shopped there for that reason. So when the discount jewelry companies came to town offering lower prices it was hard for them not to start competing by offering lesser quality jewelry at discounted prices.

In staying true to their brand they found that their customers came to them and were willing to pay more because when the piece was worn out in public the chances of two to three other people wearing the same piece was unlikely to happen, unlike their discount competitors, and that was the brand value they were willing to pay a little extra.

So when developing a brand and trying to decide if it should be a brand focused ad or one marketing a product or service consider doing both. But make sure that the products and services you are offering fit within the brand you are trying to develop. If you are a discount store, celebrate it. If you are a high-end company, celebrate that but don’t try to do and be everything to everyone. Very few organizations that have tried to diversify their offerings have been successful over the long term. Usually, when trying to be everything to everyone, something suffers. Unfortunately, in many cases, it’s the customer.

Want more out of your brand? Struggling in positioning your brand at a higher level? Why not give us a call? After all The Marketing Company has been helping companies and organizations build and develop their brand for over thirty-six years.