What should i know about making my website work?

In today’s global competition, the first step in successfully marketing your business, for most businesses, is in having a great website. This means not just having a good looking website but one that is positioned for easy use by your customers but one that can be found when searching for the products or services you offer. I mentioned the concept and importance of positioning in a previous article and a good, working website is an important element in being able to start that positioning process.

The fact is that over 85% of people have already checked you out via the internet BEFORE they ever decide to contact you; IF they decide to contact you. This means that just having a website is not enough.

Once again, positioning your company as to what makes you different is crucial in people wanting to contact you. Secondly, remember when having your website designed that the ease of navigation from the consumer’s eyes is what is most important. Your website is for the customer not for you so it is important that the customer can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Next is the importance of working with someone that works in and understands search engine optimization. This not only means understanding the importance of selecting the right page headings but also the right sub-heads and how to maximize the body copy in such a way that doesn’t get you in trouble with Google and other search engines.

Finally, including programmed elements into your website, including social media links and back-links are crucial in getting your site found. This also means knowing your audience well enough to use terms that can help you be found such as a geographic location or locations as well as similar product types or services. Remember that select phrases that are used are also keywords that can be searched so take time and help the person or company you are working with better understand what and who you want to find you and what you want them to do once they get to your site.

Finally, make sure you add an analytics program to your site such as Google Analytics. Such analytics help track your efforts, if you do any SEO work as well as help you better understand how people are finding you, where they are, what pages they are most interested in and so on. Such information will help you and those you work with, make your site better and therefore bring more people to your door.