Three pain points that tell you it’s time to outsource your Marketing and Communications!

If you own and operate a business that has been successful and is growing, you already know that keeping up with everything is getting more difficult. Let’s face it, you can’t do everything!

If you have reached a point and you know something has to change, here are a few pain points that will help you know when it is time to get help and consider outsourcing your marketing and communications.

Pain Point # 1- Management and personnel decisions are suffering. You can’t be everywhere.

This is usually seen with employee morale being down and high turnover in both employees and customers. Over time, the brand of the company or organization has become inconsistent in how they deliver the services or products they offer or even in what your purpose or values are.

Pain Point # 2- You are adding locations and need more time managing the business, not managing the marketing. Even though you may have been  good in the early days of your business handling the marketing and communications, there comes a time that your focus, as the business owner, needs to be placed on actually running and operating the business and not in developing creative or concepts. Yes, it may not be as fun, but the only one who really knows the vision and the way you want your business to run and grow it is you- something has to give.

Pain Point # 3- Your web site, social media, and your employees are not being kept up to date. Managers and employees not knowing changes and updates in pricing, policy or regulation changes, inconsistent postings on social media, broken links and miss-information on your website are usually directly connected to management that is trying to save money by doing everything themselves. This doesn’t send a message to your customers or employees that you are fragile. Instead, it communicates a lack of care and concern and who wants to partner or buy a service or product from a company like that.

In a time where employment rates are low and wages are high, outsourcing your marketing and communications efforts can provide you a better source of bringing consistency to your marketing and communication efforts, internal and external, as well as save you money.