Print marketing reflects anything from your business cards, letterhead to your direct mail, brochures newspaper and magazine advertising. It’s considered the “traditional” part of marketing. No matter what product or service you offer, print marketing still has a place in your marketing-mix. How important it is will depend on your lead generating source.

DIRECT MAIL Direct Mail has evolved tremendously in the past years with access to more accurate and sophisticated databases of prospects. Gain the insight you need to decide where to invest capital, how to manage risk, and how to develop targeted campaigns to increase sales. We will provide you with heat maps of your targeted ZIP codes or areas, to take the largest advantage of your targeted mailings.

NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE Although newspaper and magazine advertising has been widely replaced with online advertising that delivers immediate, traceable results, we still see clients that are extremely successful with this type of print advertising. With the right design, it’s an excellent brand builder.