Is it so bad being number two?

When working with almost all of our clients, there is always a discussion of who they feel is their competition and trying to identify what attributes, strengths and weaknesses that they and their competition have when it comes to gaining market share. While many of our clients have a desire to be the number one in their industry, many have also found that being the number 2 option can bring a lot of value too.

It’s all about positioning!

Any brand marketing firm worth using knows that the cosmetics (the pretty ads and promises that can be created) will get attention but it is the attention to detail and delivery from the inside that will really make the difference as customers are drawn in. So positioning when developing brand recognition must understand the coordination of the internal and external efforts and the importance of being on the same page.

Next is understanding just who you are and what you are up against. I am working with a company that has a crazy amount of competitors but just two that dominate the market. My client, recognizing that the dollars he had to invest in marketing could never catch up compared to what his two main competitors could and were investing in marketing. His strategic goal? To be in the top three. That meant not trying to match dollar for dollar but being smarter about his investments and positioning himself as a second option; yes, a second option.

Again, the one thing he could also do is deliver a better product so that when he does get called, the new customer will be able to see the quality. Offering quality, along with his marketing efforts, will help him claim the top three spots in the customer’s mind within his industry. Just think about the number two statement earlier. This client understands that the bigger the company the harder it is to maintain quality delivery so when one of their customers gets mad or upset, who will they call? Whoever is number two or next on their list.

Sounds simple, right? While it is far from simple it isn’t rocket science. It is simply understanding that each investment, when it comes to marketing, is not a standalone investment. Each one should lead to the next and complement the one before. Positioning your organization takes proper planning and consistency, inside and out. For you to see success, you need to remind the customer; current and potential, that you want their business and you want to be on their list the next time they want or need their service; even if it’s their second call.

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