Are you just “winging it” when it comes to customer service?

Have you been receiving more complaints lately? More problems in what is being said versus what is being done? Maybe you are finding the phones or internet are not as robust in calls or quotes as once were? Maybe it’s because your customer service is on auto-pilot. It’s not uncommon for any business to become more focused on the production or clients they have and to let the day to day interaction fall by the wayside but while not uncommon it can still be deadly if not addressed.

In today’s electronic world, face to face time has been become less and less and thereby even more important when it happens. In addition, it is equally important that you understand that customer service is not just when there is face to face interaction but happens throughout the customer experience. Such as when you receive your first inquiry on your company; how quickly you respond, how much time you spend with the customer on understanding what they need versus you trying to making the sale. It continues in making sure the customer doesn’t have to follow up with you in what is going on, what needs to be done versus you doing the follow up in making sure they don’t sit and wonder and feel the need to make the call.

Remember, customer service is just that, serving the customer in such a way that delivers answers and solutions in such a way that produces a relationship of reliability and trust. So much so that they can learn to depend on you to not only deliver but that you have their best interest at heart.

How you do accomplish this? It starts by being intentional in the way you deliver your customer service. Intentional in how you answer the phone; answer emails, think before you send out an email or provide a solution to the customer. For instance, when communicating make sure you have thought through the entire process before requesting approval. For instance, if you are asking a customer to approve a mailing but don’t have all the costs involved in making a decision you will quickly frustrate the customer by sending out additional emails or making additional phone calls on more information required or have the client see an invoice for more than they anticipated when the job is completed because they weren’t well informed.

Great customer service takes ongoing effort and focus and can become part of your business brand if done intentionally. If left unattended, you could find your customer base and your reputation dwindling.