Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

The mobile web is taking over, and the need for better media is at a crossroads.  People are demanding to have their content fast and it might be original content postings or re-postings.  Some areas where the content is being served creates bottlenecks or is so watered down that the mobile user is served a bad experience.  

These experiences include waiting several seconds for mobile pages to load, opening up the app store when you should be going to a website, and not letting you scroll, to name a few. A solution to these bottlenecks is the AMP project.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is a collaboration to raise the bar on the mobile web and modify the way content is distributed.  We utilize AMP pages in sites for better exposure and a better mobile viewing experience. Google is rewarding us for faster loading times with improved rankings. It’s a win-win.